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About Hiscox loss of license insurance

Aircrew undertake years of hard work and incur considerable expense to obtain an aviation certificate. However, a pilot’s career and income are at risk if they are prevented from carrying out their duties because of a serious injury or deterioration in health.

Hiscox Global Flying loss of license insurance protects professional pilots against the financial consequences of losing their medical certification due to bodily injury or illness.

Loss of license insurance overcomes many of the limitations encountered with more traditional group insurance products, such as workers compensation, permanent health and critical illness insurance, which may offer only restricted cover and reduced benefits.

Who we can insure

We can provide coverage to fixed or rotary wing pilots who operate with either a Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate as long as they are gainfully employed and are actively at work.

Our policy is available on a group basis as an employee benefit and we can also arrange voluntary cover to complement the benefit plan in place.

We can cover a range of groups, including fixed and rotor wing general and business aviation operators, aircraft management companies, air ambulance services, flight schools, as well as associations, unions or groups of pilots wishing to provide this benefit to their members.



Product options

We offer the highest quality products while allowing our clients the flexibility to select the coverage level appropriate to their budget.  Our standard policy includes the covers below. Other benefits available include monthly benefits for short-term unfitness, psychological and other covers.

Key area Cover
Long-term unfitness Lump sum benefit
Excess period 180 days
Previous disabilities excluded Prior to inception
Proposal forms None
Cover basis Worldwide