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“Growing Your People”

The January/February 2017 issue of NBAA’s Business Aviation Insider magazine features a great article titled “Growing Your People” on investing in staff and the value of doing so, especially as an organisation grows. Business Aviation Insider is a fantastic example of a quality industry publication that features updates from NBAA on their key initiatives as well as wider industry trends.  

As well as being a good summary of practical points applicable to many of your clients, “Growing Your People” is a great reminder that the people side of aviation is a key resource. Investing in staff to keep the best and brightest talent is not only about creating growth plans or keeping on top of professional development programs. Making sure the benefits in place for employees are in line with regulatory standards as well as industry benchmarks is important as well.

Our loss of license insurance solutions are a key element of a great package to help your clients attract and retain the very best professional pilots for their company. We can work with you to offer a variety of solutions from employee benefit plans, affinity programs, and even voluntary packages on individuals and group policies. We offer a variety of cover benefits including monthly benefits for cases of temporary unfitness, lump sum benefits for cases of long-term or permanent unfitness, cover for psychological illnesses and sports injuries, and numerous others. We aren’t cover holders or agents and as underwriters, we can work with you to tailor a solution for your client’s needs


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